How It Works

Introducing KTUU Deals

KTUU Deals is a fantastic place to shop for everyday deals discounted at a minimum of 50%. These deals are offered for restaurants, bars, spas, theaters, retail stores, and more. These deals are promoted onChannel 2 and on It is also sent daily to our email database and thru text messages to those who have subscribed.

What are Deals and how do they work?

Deals are a way to get discounts and learn about different businesses around Alaska. Each day, Monday– Friday, a different deal is “Featured” as our deal of the day! That deal is advertised on Channel 2, KTUU’s Facebook pages, KTUU.COM, and sent to our emailing database. Once featured, the deal will move to be a “Side” deal, which will allow customers to continue to buy the deal up to 6 additional days, based on the preference of the Merchant.

The minimum percentage of savings is 50%, with the minimum sales price of $10 ($20 value for $10). Some deals may have restrictions to quantity sold and amount one buyer can purchase. Expiration dates are urged to be at least six months out, however that can be altered if necessary. The business running the deal will receive a compiled list of all purchasers and their email addresses at the end of the deal for further business use.

Customers can print their DEAL immediately and start using it the next day. A unique tracking code and QR scanning codes are on each certificate, so each certificate is secure and valid. Signing up to become a part of the database that gets emails of everyday’s Deal is free to the subscriber.

Feature Your Business

What are the benefits from Deals to your business?

KTUU Deals is a risk free way to get your business huge exposure which in turn gives you new customers and business recognition. The Deal is a new unique way to advertise and promote your business. You pay us nothing. You have nothing to lose!

Looking for a catch? There is no catch. We only win if you win, so we build the deals to be attractive to our community. Studies show that most Deal customers become regular customers. Our audience is web savvy, primarily middle age women, with the household purchasing power, a disposable income, who are looking to explore the community and try something new.

Benefits that can help generate business by using deals:

1. CASH FLOW! Your business retains 50% of all sales generated by your deal.
2. NEW CLIENTS! DEAL offers you an efficient, measurable risk-free marketing solution designed to give your business a large surge of new business
3. HUGE VISIBILITY! Your business gains exposure and brand lift using the power of online, e-mail and social media marketing; including exposure on Channel 2 television.
4. DATABASE! Your business retains the opt-in e-mail address from the people who purchased your deal. You can continue to communicate to these new customers through e-mail marketing.
5. PLUS BUSINESS! You will have an opportunity for up-sell to customers who redeem your DEAL certificate.

Getting Started

Getting started is the easy part. KTUU’s sales team has the knowledge and experience needed to help you determine what the best deal is for your business. Once the Deal is scheduled, you can leave the rest of the work to us. We will build your Deal highlighting your business, advertising location(s), pulling in pictures, including products or services, and customizing it to highlight what it will take to catch our customer’s attention to get them in your doors.

How is KTUU's Deals program different?

KTUU DEALS is different because we don’t ask for exclusivity or have a no-compete clause. We let you decide what’s best for your business, and how you want to advertise it.

We’re also local and serve in a state that finds supporting locals a very important factor. We get it. We get the community in which we live, and we know what people are looking for. We can make it sell!

Payment is fast, and hassle free. Your business will receive payment for the revenue generated from your deal within three business days by direct deposit, or seven business days if you choose to have a check sent by first class mail.

Ready to make a deal and get traffic to your business?

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